Stellar wine cellars...uncork the possibilities!

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Eventually, eventually  very much being the operative word here, we hope to build a wine cellar in the new is high on the list for my husband but for me I can think of at least 25 other things that come before it. For me, the enjoyment of wine can be had in just about any room, and I am not discerning when it comes to where I drink my wine! And God knows I don't need a wine cellar to drink wine.....I could live in a teepee and still find a place to house my wine! However I am sure at some point we will get around to building one....I was at a friends house recently who has a beautiful cellar and we also had gone to a really special wine tasting dinner in someones magnificent home that had a brick walled cellar and that is where the wine tasting dinner was held with white gloved service I might add!
It really got me thinking about cellars and what a special feeling they evoke when you are in them..the cool dry air, the quiet hum, the bottles waiting sometimes for a very long time to release their goodness, the dark colors that typically decorate this space, I started doing a little research for fun. So today I am showcasing a bunch of wonderful and certainly inspirational cellars. Let me know what you think, would you want one and would you use it? Love to know!

Architect Bernard Wharton created this stunning and inviting cellar, love the fireplace..what a luxurious touch in this ultimate wine cellar
Thomas Pheasant worked his magic on this fabulous cozy cellar on Salamander Farm
This home wine cellar is ultra modern proving cellars come in all styles, shapes and colors!
Beautiful stone walled cellar by Jablonski features a gorgeous rustic monastery table
This dramatic home cellar chose to use a wall of glass instead of walls, stone and brick to showcase the beautiful wine racks, New England wine cellar
This cozy small cellar accented with stone walls has a small area designated for the wood boxes
This would make most restaurants green with envy..but its in someones home and I would venture to guess they take their wine very seriously! Firm of Bridges, Marsh and Carmo.
Hendrix-Allardyce Designs created this stunning wine cellar out of stone in a Napa Valley home
This serious cellar is outfitted in gorgeous cherry woods....and leads to a separate tasting room!
Stunning wine cellar in soft muted colors, a nice departure from the dark mahogany ones we see so often, by Belgian firm of Bourgondisch-Kruis
Love the rich warm brown tones against the stone...Locati 
This cellar has a real vintage look to it.....
This large scaled cellar complete with a Bacchus bust means business!
This cozy seating area inside this wine cellar also boasts a small kitchen for convenience
Inviting dining table situated right in the middle of this beautiful wine cellar, Wine Spectator
This dramatic apartment high in the sky gets a glass wall to showcase its very own wine cellar, Acquarius townhouse in North Vancouver, Canada
Opulent private cellar gets the velvet touch for in room dining!
Love this island and how the wine is displayed to be admired and tasted hopefully by a lucky few!
Northwest wine cellars designed this round dramatic wine cellar, with beautiful flooring and lit dome.....small spaces can make gorgeous cellars!
Another gorgeous neutral colored cellar by Bourgondisch-Kruis
A stunning wood paneled wine cellar by Apex.....just needs the bottles!
Love this all stone cellar

The light colors are very appealing, love the reclaimed floors also by Bourgondisch-Kruis
Fabulous rich warm toned dramatic circular cellar, Howard Backen
Beautiful open spaces and light give this cellar a very calm and welcoming vibe, Bourgondish-Kruis
Apex wine cellars designed this incredible vaulted cellar for a serious wine connoisseur
A beautiful and simple vintage feeling "wine room" charming, Elizabeth Carney
Love these antique cypress doors from New England wine cellars....fabulous!

So what do you think? Do you like wine cellars? Would you want one and think you would use it in your own home? What do you think is the most important thing when designing a wine cellar? Hope you have an enchanting day!



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